Weighted Average Calculator with option to calculate for an individual value in the group when given the weighted average

Here is a weighted average calculator. The meaning of weighted average is best explained by the examples given here. This calculator can also calculate for an individual value in a group needed to make a given weighted average. You can use it for example to calculate for the final exam score needed to make a certain grade. Please leave the value to be calculated blank. Click on the add rows button to add more entries. The number of decimal places for the calculated value can be specified (The default value is 5). This new version also gives the user the ability to do some row manipulation (insert blank rows, delete rows, move rows).

Name of Values To be Averaged (Optional) Values To be Averaged Relative Weights of Values to be Averaged
  Name of Final Averaged Value (Optional) Weighted Average Total of Relative Weights
To be Calculated also
Decimal Places
Use the buttons below with the Checkbox selections.
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