Analytical Spike Addition Calculator with Solvent Addition

Please see "Examples" page for a detailed explanation of this calculator. This calculator lets you calculate for either spike volume or spike analyte quantity as percent of sample analyte weight. The required values are as given in the table. The input cells with green outline means leave the value to be calculated blank and fill out the other input cell. All input cells with brown outline must be filled out (please see "Examples" page). The total final analyte concentration that is calculated here is the theoretical value or the value you would get if you have 100% spike recovery. Use the actual total final analyte concentration that is determined by the analysis method to calculate the percent spike recovery in a separate calculator in this set called the Analytical Spike Recovery Calculator. The picture here is for illustration purposes only, the final solution should be homogeneous. Solvent may be used to make up the volume to a pre-determined volume mark. This is specially useful when the sample volume and spike volume are not additive.

Sample Solution Spike Solution Final Solution
Volume Analyte Concentration Volume Analyte Concentration Analyte Quantity in Spike as Percent of Analyte Weight in Sample Volume Total Final Analyte Concentration Analyte Concentration contributed by Sample Analyte Concentration contributed by Spike
To Be Calculated To Be Calculated To Be Calculated
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