Angled Plank Calculator

This calculator computes for the lengths and angles measurements of an angled plank to be cut flush to a vertical and horizontal plane. Enter the thickness of the plank and any other two of your required measurements to compute for the other measurements of the angled plank. Please leave blank the values to be calculated. Side "E" is the inner length of the plank and side "F" is the outer longer length of the plank. There may be more than one solution to a given set of inputs. Please take note that thickness of the plank is in inches. The initial units used in the table can be changed to any of the choices given. The number of decimal places in the calculated values can be specified.

Please take note that the length unit - millimeter (mm) has recently been added to the units choices.

Enter Thickness of Plank Enter Any Two Values to Calculate for the Other Values  
Thickness Z Side A Side B Side C Side D Side E Side F Angle Theta Angle Alpha Length J Length K
Degrees Degrees
To be Calculated also To be Calculated also
Decimal Places
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