Simultaneous Linear Equations Solver for Three Variables

This calculator calculates for the three unknown variables in three linear equations. Just put in the coefficients of the variables and the equivalent sum to the right of the equation. Please fill in all input boxes. If an equation does not include a certain variable put zero as the coefficient for that variable. The equations are expressed a little differently than you would normally see them. For example, x+y+z=44 would be expressed as 1x+1y+1z=44 which is still mathematically correct. 2x-3y+5z=12 would be expressed as 2x + -3y + 5z = 12 which is also mathematically correct. A minus operator is replaced by a plus operator and a negative coefficient of a variable. Coefficients to variables can be negative numbers. This method of inputting coefficients is in accordance with the rules of matrix algebra. The number of decimal places in the results can be specified.

Equation 1: X + Y + Z =
Equation 2: X + Y + Z =
Equation 3: X + Y + Z =
Decimal Places