Calculator for Off Center Heights of a Circular Arc

This calculator calculates for off center heights of an arc given the horizontal distance from the center along the width of the arc. Input any two of Radius, Width, or Height of Arc to calculate for the other. This defines the arc. Input the Distance X to calculate for the Height Y. Or input Height Y to calculate for the Distance X. Use the "Add Rows" button to input more Distance X or Height Y values. If you have other two parts of an arc not covered here please use The Complete Circular Arc Calculator to define the arc then come back to this calculator to calculate for Height Y or Distance X. For this application, for a given radius the biggest arc that can be defined is that of a semi-circle corresponding to an angle of 180°.

Enter Any Two Values to Define the Arc Enter One Value per Row
Radius of Arc Width of Arc Height of Arc Distance X Height Y
Decimal Places
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